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Does Absolute Power Corrupt?
PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 7:53 am Reply with quote
Amelia Wade
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There is a famous saying “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Well, although many would agree but there is more than meets the eye. For some people are inherently corrupt, power or they will not leave a stone unturned to let an opportunity pass by.

Usually world political leaders are infamous for carrying out corruption and pile up their bank accounts in Swiss banks and it’s not just limited to political elite rather at a lower level as well. For instance a company’s employee could purposely omit certain information from the books so the transaction that has him skimming money of the top is not reflected just because he/she has been made responsible for book-keeping and every monetary transaction passes through their channel and so they and not anyone know of the real figures. That’s why audits are being conducted to meet statuary requirements as well unveil financial corruption (if any).

Corrupt politicians are a worldwide pandemic given all these WikiLeaks and Panama Leaks in the recent memory are stacked with their corruptions. So going back to my initial statement, “inherently corrupt” is about these individuals waiting to take charge of some position to wreak havoc.

The classic example is Adolf Hitler that how when he ceased power, plunged Europe into war and chaos. Numerous examples can be found all through the pages of history. You can buy essays online on the captioned subject. Even if a very noble man were to get to a point where he is bathing in money and authority, he is bound to lose control over his desires and give in to them. The real challenge is resisting the temptation.

When it comes to organization culture, those with centralized authority fears for misuse of resources and although their productivity and dissemination of information becomes limited these firms tend to control outcomes and avoid major setbacks in the form corruption. If an owner or shareholders themselves devour their company then that is a different story. On the other hand, decentralized organization provides autonomy to its various functions/departments thereby increasing the risk of people going rogue in spilling company secrets to the competitor especially in big conglomerates or say, in Fortune 500 list of companies.

Certain external factors contribute to this as well. Do you know only a handful few in the world of 7 billion are the world’s richest? The remaining is either middle or lower income level groups and while the considerable size lives below the poverty line, there is no one to question as to WHY this is so? Imagine someone out of these were to climb and become a member of the Senate assembly or a movie star or revered international figure, don’t you think the desire to go corrupt is only a matter of time? A materialistic society usually is the main driver behind this.

Corruption is not only limited to currency it is moral as well such as when you lie, cheat and steal. Cheating on your partner or more commonly known as adultery is a social evil but it continues to exist and the tradition of marriages/concept of family with time is dying away, ever wondered why? People just want shortcuts, don’t want responsibility and intend to merely get by. Difference makers are a rare find these days. Can you name one difference maker/positive impacting phenomenon of the 21st century?

“To err is human”, agreed but if you read it in continuation it says “to forgive, divine”.
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Does Absolute Power Corrupt?
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